The Comprainer System emerged as an efficient and ecological option for the gradual reduction of the use of plastic bags in supermarkets, food marts, and any food or goods stores that make use of plastic bags.

By adopting the sustainable COMPRAINER System of transport and accommodation of goods you help preserve our planet. See:

By using the Comprainer Box large size (supports up to 15 kg) for one entire year, you no longer use 120 plastic bags (or more), and using the Comprainer Box small size (supports up to 7 kg) you will save 60 plastic bags (or more). There’s a marker inside of each Comprainer Box that helps you to control the usage of the boxes and the benefits of not using plastic bags!
Remember: the more you take care of your Comprainer Boxes the more you will be able to reuse them: the boxes have great durability, so you can keep on going to the supermarkets using the same boxes!

Comprainer is a word created from the words Compra (in Portuguese means purchase, buy) and Container, meaning buying using boxes or boxes to buy.

The Comprainer System is a new eco-friendly way of carrying and transporting goodies.

It includes two new models of carts and different models of reusable and recyclable folding cartons.

INPI – the complete Comprainer System (carts and boxes) have patents with the INPI – National Institute of Industrial Property, as well as the brand Comprainer.

Big Boxes:
- durability test: 100 cycles with capacity of 19 kg/42 pounds
- Static load test: 25 kg/55 pounds

The Comprainer boxes were tested, and approved by the SENAI Laboratory in São Bento do Sul.

The Comprainer System is a new eco-friendly way of carrying and transporting goods.
Observe the illustrations below and see how to contribute with the sustainability of our planet:

With just a flick of the hands, you can open the Comprainer Box and it’s ready for use.

Organize your purchase in the Comprainer Boxes. Preferably you would place 2 small boxes in the lower platforms of the Comprainer Cart.

After choosing and organizing your goods in the Comprainer Boxes and Cart, you are now ready to go to the cashier (check-out).

Once you finish shopping, take the Comprainer Cart to your vehicle and store the Comprainer Boxes in the truck (or in the back seat area).

Arriving at home take the Comprainer Boxes from your vehicle, holding each box by the handles. Your goods will arrive home safe and well organized.


Unpack your goods, close the Comprainer Boxes and place them back in your vehicle, so you will not forget them next time that you go shopping.